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Japanese selected outfit: antique and vintage kimono and haori for Japanese art addict persons :
Japanese woman's traditional antique kimonos and haori jackets collection. Japanese traditional kimono is a piece of Japanese Fine Art. There were many rules to wear kimono as a garment. But taking them into our life now, there are no rules. With your artistic flair, kimono become alive again, as a garment, as tailored evening dress with kimono inspiration, or as stunning interior design statement to brighten up the corner of your home.
japanese wedding silk kimono gown, vintage
Kimono Vintage Kimono W-018
Japanese traditional silk wedding kimono furisode fully lined with silk. 1960's
Japanese colorful gilded kimono with very long sleeve,  ivory background.
Material: silk
Length: 169 cm / 66,5 inches


japanese embroidered wedding gown, vintage
Japanese Wedding Kimono Gown W-032
Artistic Japanese silk brocaded rich wedding kimono gown, 1970's.
Japanese wedding gown embroidered with flying white storks, mountains and flowers on red-gold silk brocade background.
Material: silk brocade
Length: 190 cm / 74,8 inches

Price: US$ 1 250.00

japanese wedding kimono gown with golden fans designed fabric
Japanese Wedding Kimono Gown W-006
Very nice Japanese wedding kimono gown with lining, 1950's,
Golden Japanese folding fans and silk ropes on orange red silk patterned background.
Material: silk
Length: 172 cm / 67,7 inches


japanese wedding kimono
Japanese Wedding Kimono Gown W-036
Lovely Japanese silk brocaded wedding kimono gown, 1960's.
Golden pines and Phoenix are embroidered artistically on white silk brocade patterned background.
Material: silk
Length: 172 cm / 67,7 inches

Price: US$ 790.00

japanese embroidered wedding silk kimono, vintage
Japanese Embroidered Kimono W-029
Nicely hand-embroidered Japanese silk kimono furisode with lining, 1970's.
Traditional Japanese kimono with embroidered images of Golden flower carts full of flowers and with misty motif.
Material: silk
Length: 168 cm / 66,1 inches


japanese wedding silk brocade kimono, 1960's
Japanese Wedding Kimono Gown W-022
Outstanding Japanese wedding kimono gown with lining, 1960's.
Eye-catching wedding gown from Kyoto made of special Nishijin silk brocade fabric with golden treads and with very sophisticated embroidery.
Material: silk brocade
Length: 189 cm / 74, 4 inches


japanese silk wedding kimono
Japanese Wedding Kimono W-038
Gorgeous Japanese silk wedding kimono with hand painting and gilding, 1970's
Lush flowers and pair of Mandarin duks swimming in golden brooks as well as a garden wicker fence nad tea house inside the garden afe hand painted, embroidered and gilded on scarlet silk background.
Material: figured silk
Length: 182 cm / 71,6 inches

Price: US$ 1 230.00

japanese wedding kimono gown uchikake. Vintage.
Japanese Wedding or Dance Kimono Gown W-031
Japanese wedding kimono gown with lining, 1950's,
White storks as Japanese symbol of love forever are embroidered artistically on golden clouds on this wedding kimono.
Material: silk brocade
Length: 183 cm / 72,0 inches


japanese traditional wedding kimono uchikake
Japanese Wedding Kimono Gown W-035
Magnificent Japanese traditional  silk brocaded embroidered wedding kimono with lining, 1970's or earlier.

Fine embroidered wedding kimono gown with traditional wedding motif: flying white storks, flowers and flowers cart.
Material: silk brocade
Length: 175 cm / 67,7 inches


japanese traditional wedding kimono uchikake
Japanese Wedding Kimono Gown W-042
Breathtaking Japanese silk brocaded colorful embroidered and gilded wedding kimono gown uchikake full of flowers on flowers carts - Japanese symbol of prosperous life Kimono fully lined with silk. 1970's
Material: silk
Length: 180 cm / 70,9 inches

Price: US$ 1 280.00

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