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japanese obi belt as interiaor decoration
OB-121 Japanese traditional  obi belt for kimono, vintage, 1950's

Japanese traditional sash belt for kimono - OBI with lavish use of gold and silver threads are important kimono accessories. These long sumptuous sashes were often given more attention than the kimono themselves. They were frequently more expensive.
'Fukuro' type obi were slightly less formal them 'maru' type, and first appeared in the late 1920s. Because only one side was brocaded they were less expensive than 'maru' both sides brocaded obi sash.  Japanese vintage and antique obi can be used as fabulous table runners, or runners for credenzas or hang it as wall decoration and so on, according your own ways to display these luxurious Japanese textile.

This is colorful partly embroidered 'fukuro' sash belt with  chrysanthemum flowers and silver leaves  motif on orange-gold silk background. Inner side is orange silk.
About 1960's.
Excellent condition without any damage. Lovely and bright interior wall decoration or table center in Japanese style.
Dimension: 30 x 404 cm


japanese obi sash belt, vintage
japanese obi belt, vintage
japanese woman's obi belt: detail of embroidery
japanese silk brocaded obi sash belt, vintage
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