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japanese silk obi belt with tie-dyenog  design
Japanese man's traditional silk Heko-obi belt, 1970's

The stuff belts you see on this page are called heko obi. Japanese man's traditional heko obi is long wide scarf-type and made from 100% natural silk crepe with traditional tie-dying (shibori) technique.

Usually the heko obi is twisted and then wrapped around below the waistline.

Price: US$ 83.00
  • material: 100% natural silk
  • size fit up to all
    dimension: wide 70 cm, length 300 cm
  • color: black
  • gently wash in cold water
  • made in Japan
Express mail (EMS) delivery fee from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia - US$ 24.00 to UK and Europe - US$ 28.00
* Recommend to tie a belt below the waistline
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japanese silk obi belt
japanese silk obi belt with tie-dyenog  design
japanese traditionla clothes: man's kimono and silk obi belt
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