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Japanese Hakata clay figurine of a Long Hair Beauty
OH-144 Japanese long-hair beauty dressed with white and red kimonos, antique Hakata clay figurine

Finely modeled Japanese antique Hakata clay figurine  of a long hair beauty of the Muromachi era dressed with white upper kimono with light green lining and red and white under kimonos. Her upper kimono hand painted with pine and sailing boats motif and her black obi belt with flower motif  tied on front. The young woman's long hair is  tied on a long tail and stowed under a kimono in late Muromachi era style ( Azuchi-Momoyama period 1573 to 1603), and embellished with a wooden comb. Her upper kimono has been thrown off to reveal her second red colored tie-dying kimono and she  holds her kimonos by her hands 'in front.

Very good condition overall according to age.
Wooden stand come with.
Time: Around mid 1930's
Dimensions: 36 cm / 14,1 inches high

Price: US$ 498.00
*Express mail delivery fee with full insurance from Japan to USA will be approx. US$ 78.00 - 82.00

**Japanese traditional  glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided additionally by request
japanese hakata clay doll details
Japanese Hakata Clay Figurine of a Long Hair Beauty, 1930's
japanese antique Hakata doll of a Long Hair beauty, 1930's

japanese ceramic doll
japanese ceramic doll
japanese clay figurine of a Long Hair Beauty, 1930's
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