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Japanese Noh Theatre Character, Hakata clay doll
OH-083 Noh Theatre Actor with mask  as Yu Ya, Japanese Hakata clay figurine, 1960's

Wonderful Japanese  Hakata vintage figurine depicts Japanese Noh Theatre Actor as Yu-Ya,  a young beauty the dramatic character. The actor stands on the stage dressed in beautifully designed stage costume and with mask of a young beauty Ya Ya on his face. He holds a folding fans in his hand.
Wooden stage (6 cm high) and wooden stand with famous Japanese artist's name come with.
Excellent condition with no damage.

Time: Around mid 1960's
Dimensions: 33 cm / 12,9 inches high

Price: US$ 450.00
*Express mail delivery fee with full insurance from Japan will be approx. US$ 82.00 - 88.00
**Japanese traditional  glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided additionally by request
Japanese Hakata clay doll of Noh Character with mask
Noh Theatre Character with mask, Hakata clay doll
Hakata figurine of Noh Theatre actor with mask

Japanese Hakata clay figurine of Noh Actoe as Yu Ya
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