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man's yukata
a musician fingering koto, Japanese Hakata figurine
musician with koto, Japanese Hakata doll
OH-054 Young lady musician fingering koto, traditional Japanese musical instrument, Hakata clay figurine

Outstanding Japanese Hakata Doll represents a finely-modeled young lady musician playing traditional 13-string Japanese traditional musical instrument koto.
Young woman is dressed in beautifully designed light-blue kimono painted with white cherry blossom, and golden-olive colored obi sash belt with red obi-jime ribbon..
This magnificent doll crafted by famous Japanese artist Mr. Kojima in 1950's, ensuring the finest quality and craftsmanship. This his work was awarded with Emperor's Diploma.
Red woolen fabric and wooden stand with artist name come with.
Excellent conditional with no damage
Time: 1950's
Dimensions: 21 cm/ 8.2" high and 32 cm / 12,5"

Price: US$ 385.00
* Express mail delivery fee with full insurance from Japan to USA will be approx. US$ 65.00 - 70.00
**Japanese traditional  glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided additionally by request

japanese hakata doll
japanese hakata doll
lady musician fingering koto, Japanese Hakata figurine
japanese hakata doll of a young musician paying koto, 1950's
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