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japanese young samurai doll
OG-213 Japanese antique doll of a young samurai Samurai, 1960's

Japanese doll represents young samurai dressed in rich silk brocaded costume: light-green silk brocade hakama pants  designed with arrows, silk kimono and rich purple silk brocaded camp overcoat jinbaori. Samurai  holds tacchi sword with ornamented scabbard with sharp blade inside ( can be removed) in his hand.  His long black hair is knotted  in bundle on a top of his head and  and fall free on his shoulder as young samurai  hair-style.
Dimensions: 30 cm /11,8 inches in high 
Condition: excellent, with no damage

Price: US$ 265.00
* Express mail delivery and insurance fee approx. US$ 78-85.00
japanese antique doll of a young samurai with tachi sword in his hand
*Japanese traditional  glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided additionally by request.

japanese traditional doll
japanese young samurai doll
japanese young samurai doll
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