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japanese doll
japanese antique geisha-doll in ancient taxi - kago
japanese antique geisha-doll in ancient taxi - kago
japanese antique doll of Meiji period, 1900's
OG-200 Japanese Antique Geisha doll sitting in straw carriage, 1900-1920's, Meiji period

Absolutely rare finely modeled Japanese unique Geisha doll dressed with silk kimono colored in pink and gilded and hand painted with waves motif. Her black silk-brocaded obi belt tied in front as big bow. Her intricate hair style adorned with rich patterned wooden comb and hair pin hand painted with floral motif  and with long silver bira-bira hair-pin. She has traditional style make up whitening and with small beauty spots on her face.
From the Edo period the Oiran and Geisha  had the most elaborate and rich costume and hair style possible.
The doll sits into an ancient traditional Japanese taxi cab - KAGO or straw carriage. Kago are made of woven straw with two sides open and with small-sized windows on each side. In ancient time this portable cab was carried by two men which hold it on their shoulders. Inside the palanquin you can see a few silk cushions and a silk rope holder for comfortable sitting.

Dimensions of the kago: 38 cm /14,9 inches high, 52 cm /20,4 inches wide

Condition: The doll is in very good condition according to age, however it is possible her lips-stick color was more brightly previously.


japanese amtique doll of Geisha, 1920's

japanese antique geisha doll sitting
japanese Oiran doll, 1920's
japanese antique geisha dollll, 1920's
japanese antique geisha doll sitting in straw carriage
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