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japanese traditional doll

Japanese traditional interior doll, vintage

Japanese traditional doll dressed with kimonos
BJ-058 Japanese doll of a dancing young beauty with folding fan in her hands, 1960's

Japanese wonderful and vibrant doll dressed in beautifully designed numerous kimonos, decorated with flowers and golden waves, and with a greenish-blue silk brocade obi belt tied at the back with a large bow.
One long sleeve of her outer kimono is pulled back, revealing the vibrant silk of the kimono with color transitions, adorned with a floral bouquet and ribbons on the sleeve.
Her hairstyle is decorated with a wonderfully carved tortoiseshell comb, silk fabric flowers on a stiletto heel, silk ropes and a bira bira clip with pendants in her black hair. In her hands the doll holds a folding fan, hand-painted with flowers and ribbons.
It stands on a black lacquered wooden stand.
Her face, painted by the artist, reflects tender thoughtfulness
Dimensions: 47 cm /18,5 inches high
Condition: excellent

Price: US$ 810.00
*Shipping and insurance fee approx. US$ 78.00 - 85.00
**Japanese glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided additionally by request.

japanese doll
japanese doll of a Beauty with fan in her hands

japanese traditional folding fan
Japanese traditional interior doll of a dancing beauty, 1950's
japanese traditional doll of a young lady dancing with folding fan in her hands
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