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modern kimono from Japan
modern kimono from Japan
modern kimono from Japan
Japanese Antique Cloisonné Vase
V-003 Japanese Antique Cloisonné Vase with Chrysanthemum and Cherry Blossom motif, 1930-50's

Fine Japanese enamel (cloisonné) antique vase with extraordinarily detailed and nuanced rendering of beautiful big chrysanthemum flower, plants and cherry blossom in various rich colored enamels against light creamy background on beautiful form.  Elegant in shape wonderful work of Japanese fine art. All done in silver wires of varying thickness. The vase has silver rim and base. Unsigned. Antique wooden box comes with.
About 11930-50's.
Excellent condition with no scratches and damage.
Measurements: 24.0 cm / 9.4 inches high

Price: US$ 400.00
*(shipping with insurance fee about US$ 65-70.00)

Japanese antique cloisonne vase with original wooden box
Japanese antique cloisonne vase, 1930's
japanese antique cloisonne vase, detail
Japanese antique cloisonne vase
Japanese Antique Cloisonné Vase

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modern kimono from Japan