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Welcome to our Japanese Online Store!
Japonica Co., Ltd., Tokyo based company is very pleased to introduce you fine Japanese goods for life and collections. We are happy to suggest to your attention our modern Japanese kimono and yukata (summer kimono) and hakama for men and women, as well as vintage and antique kimono and traditional items of Japanese craft and fine art. Japanese antiques and fine art are inextricably linked with the rich culture and fascinating history of the Far East. This is one reason they are so avidly admired, studied and collected.
We hope you will find something special in our collections of vintage and antique Japanese  hair accessories, traditional Japanese dolls in wonderful colorful kimono, graceful Hakata clay figurines and other items of Japanese art. Besides displaying a masterful aesthetic, Japanese dolls and figurines endure as clues to the past.
Antique and vintage Japanese kimonos from our collections have been decorated with a wide array of traditional techniques, each with distinctive characteristics that encouraged imaginative imagery. Its are one-of-a-kind works of textile art that can either be displayed or worn. Each kimono gives dramatically different impression and all kimono are hand sewn and "one of a kind". Japanese wedding vintage kimono with their elaborate embroidery and intricate patterned fabrics are obvious pieces of Japanese art and collectibles.
Antique and vintage kimono become alive again with your artistic flair, as a garment, as tailored evening dress with Japanese kimono inspiration, or an interior decor to brighten up the corner of your home.
Modern Japanese kimonos submitted to your attention are comfortable, beautiful and high quality and very easy to wear as lovely home-gown and unforgettable gift from Japan. And it is possible to find here suitable obi belt for kimono, and antique obi sash belts for interior decoration.

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We are glad to present our cute collection of t-shirts of young Japanese designers, as well as carefully selected Japanese traditional footwear.
We try to respond every visitor's wishes. In case you have not meet wishful on this site, please contact us and we will try to fulfill your order. We are accepting orders from all over the world. All merchandise will be shipped from Japan by express postal service with tracking within 1-2 business days after receiving your payment.
We hope you can find what you've been looking for here!

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